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Demo Equipment for Sale

Periodically Dahnke Sales has new and or slightly used demo equipment that we need to sell to make room for new stock. As such, below is a listing and description of the equipment we have available. We do our best to show and describe the items but if you have questions, want more pictures, or want to make an offer, please reach out and ask. We are happy to assist.

Britton PJ-4005

14″ Manual Maintenance Gate Valve. Mild Steel w/Mild Steel Slide Plate. (pdf Drawing Available upon Request).

Factory price = $ 1850
DEMO Price = $ 500/ea.
(Qty 2, as is)

Britton KT-150P

6″ Pneumatic Diverter Valve. Diverts Material Left or Right. One Side is Always Open. Painted Carbon Steel.

Factory price = $ 3,919
Demo Price = $ 1,500
(as is)

Britton GD-250

(10″) 3-Way Diverter Valve. Carbon Steel. Diverts Material Right, Left, or Through the Center.

Factory Price = $7,600
Demo Price = $ 2,000
(as is)

Britton SS-200S

(8″) Square, Manual, Slide Gate Valve. Aluminum Body, Stainless Plate. Dust Tight as the Slide Plate Never Leaves the Valve Body.

Factory Price = $2,100
Demo Price = $ 1,400
(as is)

Britton GD-150S


Double-Diverter Valve. 6″ Square Flange Connections. 304 SS Construction. Both Open, Both Closed, or One Open & One Closed.

Factory Price = $6,900
Demo Price = $ 1,600
(as is)

Britton-Procol 75 PC Diverter Valve


Cast aluminium alloy body fitted with a stainless steel vane assembly. Suitable for use in a positive pressure conveying system. Operated by a quarter turn pneumatic actuator. 3″ (75 mm)

Factory Price = $3,780
Demo Price = $ 1,200
(as is)

Britton-Procol RS-150 (6″) Rotary Valve

RS Rotary Valve Specification:

  • Body: Cast iron precision machined.
  • End plates: Cast iron precision machined and spigot located within the valve body to ensure concentrically.
  • Rotor: Fabricated mild steel 8 blade open end fixed blade rotor.
  • Bearings: Sealed ball bearings mounted in cast iron housings outrigged from the end plates
  • Shaft Seals: Packing gland shaft seals with adjustable seal followers.
  • Drive: Coaxial geared motor TEFC IP55 suitable for AC400-3-50 supply. The geared motor will be side mounted from the valve body on a mild steel base plate with provision for drive chain adjustment.
  • Final Drive: Fully guarded chaindrive with Taperlock sprockets.

Factory Price = $3,533
Demo Price = $500 OBO
(Missing drive chain, stuck rotor – Sold AS IS)

Britton-Procol 4″ Scale Valve

100mm Rotary Scale Valve to handle flour in a conveying line.

  • The valve will be suitable for use in a positive pressure conveying system.
  • Air operated complete with indicator switches and an air control valve.
  • Scale Valve Specification:
  • Grey cast iron precision machined.
  • Fitted with 4” mild steel connecting tubes.
  • Grey cast iron Vane precision machined to give a close clearance with the valve body
  • Sealed deep groove ball bearings mounted within the valve end plates.
  • Nitrile rubber lip type shaft seals mounted within the valve end plates
  • Quarter-turn, double-acting, Kinetrol, pneumatic actuator direct coupled to the vane shaft.
  • The switches are rated 15A 250VAC.
  • Solenoid operated spring return air control valve direct coupled to the actuator via a NAMUR base. Solenoid voltage: 24 vdc. 

Factory Price = $6,290
Demo Price = $ 1,200
(as is)

Kinetrol Model 07 Actuator & Limit Switch

Factory Price = $500
Demo Price = $ 200

VIBCO Demo Products

Male Wedge Forms; VST-1 (QTY 2)

Factory Price = $526.68
Demo Price = $350/ea

Female Wedge Bracket #11224 for Rail Car Vibrators (weld on)

Factory Price = $308.66
Demo Price = $150/ea

Sartorius PR1713/14 – Ethernet Plug in Card

Ethernet Plug in Card for Sartorius (Minebea-Intec) PR1713, X5 or X6 Load Cell Controller.

New In Box.

$100/ea. In Stock

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