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Donaldson Filtration Systems

For over 100 years, Donaldson has been solving customers’ complex filtration needs. Today we are one of the largest providers of unique filtration technologies and high-quality filters and parts.  Donaldson Torit® manufacturers in-plant pollution control equipment and is a world leader in providing the most efficient collection and filtration technologies for all types of dust, fume and mist particulate.

In 1915, a young Frank Donaldson Sr.—then a Bull Tractor Company salesman—visited a customer whose tractor kept breaking down in his dusty field. Frank hand-fashioned a simple air cleaner to protect the engine and invented the world’s first effective air cleaner for a tractor engine. Understanding the value in his idea, the young salesman-turned-inventor introduced his air cleaner to the market, and Donaldson Company was born.

Over 100 years later, Donaldson continues to innovate, using our filtration technologies and processes to provide customers with the solutions they need. 

  • Replacement filters and bags for any type of dust/fume/mist collector
  • Dust collection
  • Torit® PowerCore Filtration Technology
  • Weld fume collection
  • Cartridge filters (Ultra-web Technology)
  • Bag filters (Dura-Life Technology)
  • Mist collection

Donaldson Products

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