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Minebea-Intec Load Cells and Platform Scales

Minebea-Intec backs its load cells with an industry EXCLUSIVE 15-year WARRANTY. The load cell systems can be calibrated from a laptop in minutes, with or without test weights or a scale technician. Other advantages of Minebea systems include:

  • No trim pots. Load cells are factory matched to eliminate problems with temperature and humidity.
  • Hermetically sealed. Systems can operate under 5 feet of water for over 5 years.
  • Unique mounting system. Minebea mounting kits allow the tank to expand and contract while constraining excessive movements and forces.
  • No more digital filtering. A high-quality design eliminates the need for a digital filter.
  • High impedance load cell design. Systems offer 650-1200 Ohm input resistance to minimize the effect of cabling on accuracy.
  • No shimming. In most applications, shimming is not required as an equal load is not needed on each load cell.
  • Lightning protection. Built-in strain gauges protect facilities from lightning strikes that may burn out load cells.

As a Distributor/Representative of Minebea-Intec Load Cells (fdba Global Weighing & Sartorius) and Platform Scales, Dahnke Sales offers an array of systems that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. We exclusively sell Minebea-Intec Load Cell products because of the company’s quality, and comprehensive warranty. These load cells measure vessel weight with extreme accuracy. Systems come complete with load cells, mounting hardware, junction box and a digital transmitter. Our experts can help you find a load cell system that meets the unique needs of your operation.

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