With nearly 60 years of process equipment sales, Dahnke Sales has a proven track record of service and equipment application expertise. Dahnke Sales has two (2) offices and a large warehouse to serve you better!

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Dahnke Sales Co., Inc.


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BinMaster designs & manufactures reliable, solid-state, point & continuous bin level indicators & inventory management solutions for bulk solids & liquids.

Dahnke Sales Company specializes in industrial application solutions for weighing, measuring, mixing, grinding, separating, storing, dumping, and more. We help clients throughout various industries and manufacturing facilities to analyze equipment and process needs and then connect them with appropriate manufacturers’ equipment solutions.

Our top-line manufacturers include: VIBCO, Minebea-Intec, SWECO, Quadro Engineering, MixMor, PIAB, Brabender Technologies, SMS International, BinMaster, Horizon Systems, and ADS (Advanced Detection Systems).

Dahnke Sales is proud to supply quality VIBCO Industrial vibrators (pneumatic & electric) for concrete compaction, materials bins/hoppers, along with vibrating tables, and rail road car shakers. We also provide application solutions for dry material screw feeders, weighbelt feeders, shaker screens, load cells, bulk bag systems, dumpers, screw and flexible auger conveyors, level controls, liquid mixers, grinders, emulsifiers and blenders, vacuum transfer systems, slide gates and iris valves, dust and filter socks, and FDA approved food grade flexible connectors.

Precision and reliability are central requirements for effective equipment processing throughout industry and the manufacturing arena. State-of-the-art products and technology, along with a clear application strategy, are key to achieving these requirements.

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