Load Cell Applications & Solutions by Dahnke Sales and Minebea-Intec
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  • 15 YEAR WARRANTY – Minebea-Intec manufactures the world’s ONLY strain gauge load cells back by a 15 YEAR (NON -SLIDING SCALE) WARRANTY.
  • CALIBRATION WITHOUT TEST WEIGHTS – Simple! 10 minute accurate calibrations without test weights and without the need for a scale technician. Calibrate right from your laptop and save money!
  • NO TRIM POTS – no more finicky, moisture & temperature sensitive trim pots. Minebea-Intec Load Cells don’t need trim pots because the load cells are already factory matched!
  • 100% Hermetically sealed. Can operate UNDER 5′ of water for over five (5) years!
  • Matched Load Cells. ALL Minebea-Intec load cells have 100% matched outputs so there is no need to re-calibrate in the unlikely event of changing a load cell.
  • UNIQUE MOUNTING KITS – Little to NO effect from side forces or mixer movement due to unique mounting kits which have freedom for tank expansion & contraction yet constrain excessive movements and forces.
  • NO Digital Filtering Required – due to the high quality design of Minebea-Intec Load Cells, digital filter will only slow down the system reaction time! Turn it off!
  • Hi Impedance load cell design. 650-1200 Ohm input resistance for minimizing the effect of cabling on accuracy.
  • No shimming. In most applications, shimming will not be required as an equal load is not required on each load cell. Just make sure there is positive weight and your done!
  • Lighting Protection – Special (built in-house) strain gauges protect against lighting strikes on your building which could burn out your load cells.


The 15 YEAR WARRANTY, precision Minebea-Intec load cells measure vessel weight with an extremely high degree of accuracy. The system is completed with a junction box and one of several different digital transmitters or batch controllers to meet your needs.

Batch controllers automate a process by executing a series of commands when activated or when the material level in the tank reaches a predetermined weight. Minebea-Intec Batch Controllers are easy to program and epitomize high standards of quality and accuracy.